My mom my strength

My mom….

    Mothers are most special people in our lives. The first sensation we have is of her womb ,first oxygen burst we take from her.first nutrition comes from her.

  Let me talk about my mother mom cannot be explained in words.she has been my pillar ,my supporter, oxygen to my lungs and everything you can think of. When I first got diagnosed I was shaken my mom stood in front of her Mata rani and said my daughter will not suffer ,she is capable of handling this so she has been chosen to have this, she will benefit only from this .I was very angry I was expecting sympathy and I felt she was sermonizing me. 

   Over the years she kept on motivating me never letting me give up ,never sympathetic but a very staunch supporter .she is not educated but she can put lot of educated people to shame with her wisdom. When ever I am troubled her voice is enough to soothe me. 

   Was going through a very rough period with my disease and personal life couple of years back ,she told me beta repeat a mantra rhe universe gives me only that much grief that I am capable of handling,and more you heat gold more shiner it becomes . True to her word I came through everything.

The disease today has made me a better person, I am much stronger much empathic more open to life .a battle with my disease which at one point was looking very downwards the graph is stable.

My mom is everything to me. Her conviction that I can battle anything has made me who I am today .she has raised me with an iron fist ,didn’t understand then bit today I am thankful for her upbringing and values .

This mothers day I Pray for her and all mothers health and happiness .for me all days are mothers day as there cannot be anyone more important and special in one’s life.

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