if I cannot cure it I will not let it rule my life

Bharti Sadhotra Baru (scleroderma Warrior)

I am another sclero warrior, suffering from over two decades.my journey started with Raynaud. My diagnosis initially made time stop for me but I am very strong and determined person and I choose to fight.

I developed ILD over the years and had digital ulcers on my skin, but this also did not deter me. I was facing challenges physically and socially. I choose to ignore everything I focused on my hobbies, I followed the mantra if I cannot cure it I will not let it rule my life, with proper medication and holistic approach. I adjusted my lifestyle and choose to keep myself busy, my family was always standing by my side matching my steps.

I came across a support group where I met lot of other people who suffered form the same illness. The group gave more strength and a more positive approach.

What helped me the most that I never shied from my truth I embraced it and it has made me the person that I am today am a proud mother of two grown up children but still am living with the same vigor and vitality. My message to all my friends is that scleroderma does not define me, let it make you stronger in person and in character .

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