I learned never to give up !

Hiral Shah ( Scleroderma Warrior)

My scleroderma story started in 2008 with hardening and tightening of skin, swelling, joint pain. After undergoing a number of medicines and tests finally after 2 years that is in 2010 it was discovered that I had Scleroderma or Systemic Sclerosis.

Scleroderma, I had heard that first time in my life. A disorder that has no fixed pattern of issues that the person will undergo.

It will differ from person to person. One day you have a GI issue or a joint pain or maybe a digital ulcer is just popping up because of the Raynaud’s. I myself cannot say what will happen to me the next day or say the next moment because it affects all the systems of the body randomly.

In 2019, it affected my GI tract largely with a lot of complications together at the same time. I was in the hospital for almost a month to overcome this issue in the process I came to a stage where I just could not eat anything and so had to get a Jejunostony tube in my stomach so that the body gets some nutrition from the feeds. With the support of the Great team of doctors, prayers of my family and blessings of God I was stable. I was in such a difficult situation that being alive today to write this story is actually a miracle. It shows God exists. I am really grateful for everything.

Because of Scleroderma, I entered a beautiful world of Pranic Healing. Now with the help of the Energy or Prana, I can help myself and others in healing and feeling better along with the ongoing medication.

Scleroderma did take a lot from me but at the same time I have received more I guess, the support of the family and friends cannot be described, I am once again thankful for everything to Allmighty. I learned never to give up stay positive and keep giving your best everything else automatically falls in place. It made me realize I was lucky enough to be living in this beautiful world and grateful for the things I can do.

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