Lata Vaswani

Positivity and Gratitude

have great power! 

Lata Vaswani ( Scleroderma Warrior)

I am 50 years old and grown up with Scleroderma as a Sibling. I had it since childhood. I don’t remember the exact age when it started. But initially, I had symptoms of slow fever and woofing cough. And local physician diagnosed it as TB. Then my fingers started turning blue and numb in winters and heartburn sensation also started. At the age of 10-12, after changing many doctors and undergoing many treatments and tests, I was diagnosed (PSS) Progressive Systematic Sclerosis) by a Dermatologist of BHU Dr. Gurmohan Singh. And my treatment started with Wysolone, Evion, and Antacid.

My parents tried all the paths including Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Babas, and Guru with the advice of relatives, but nothing worked. Then we again returned to Allopathic Treatment. My doctor suggested some exercises and precautions (like cover myself fully in winters, protection from cold, not to eat spicy foods) along with medicines. Due to growing age and with these precautions and medicines, my condition became stable a lot.

Then by 1987, we stopped consulting doctors and I stopped taking medicines because I felt quite well. At that time I was taking treatment of some dermatologist from Ranchi, and he himself suggested that I can stop my medicines.

Then again in 1994, my symptoms emerged with ulcers in hand and feet. This time my treatment was again done by Dr. Gurmohan Singh. I was under his treatment for 10 years but my complication increased with other organs such as lungs and heart. He referred me to PGI Lucknow. Before that, I had consulted the lungs specialist and heart specialist who diagnosed ILD and I was put on oral steroids.

During all this time I was managing my life with complications of this disease with the help of my near and dear one. My condition started deteriorating after 2010 and got worst by 2012. I had ulcers in fingers of both feet, Lungs condition was worse, I had no strength. I was bedridden, No medicine was working on me I was again put on Tuberculosis medicines by PGI doctors. I still can’t know why.

After long treatment of several medicines, my feet ulcers improved and my lung condition improved a little. But I started having pain in the whole body and was unable to do any work or walk for a few minutes. My physiotherapy started. By now, I had met a very nice Rheumatologist, Dr. S. K. Bhattacharya, A very experienced and retired doctor (BHU). He looked after my full treatment thereon.

In 2013 I developed Edema in the lower part of my body. This was not part of Scleroderma. My lower body was swollen from stomach till feet, due to water retention. I stopped visiting PGI Lucknow (in every visit new doctor use to see me and treat me) as with so many problems it was not easy to travel every 3 months and I started taking treatment from Dr. Bhattacharya only. My treatment for Edema started and since 2014 my condition is again stable with the Great effort of Dr. S. K. Bhattacharya.

Since the last 5 yrs, my Symptoms are quite under control with the least medication And I was leading near to normal life with the support of family

5 months back I had an accident and my knee had multiple fractures. I had undergone an operation which according to the doctor was very risky for scleroderma patients having lung fibrosis and PAH (Pulmonary Hypertension). But I crossed that Critical condition with Grace and blessing of God Father LORD SHIVA, my family, relatives, friends, and colleagues And will soon return to my old routine

5 years back I joined Rajyog Meditation classes by Brahmakumari International Organisation, through which I came to know and feel the presence of God in my life. This has given me the required emotional, mental, and physical strength. Their teaching has taught me that despite so much development of science ( initially I did not believe in and worshipping and chanting mantras ) and technology, the Supreme power of alright GOD plays an important role in every aspect of life. I now believe in GOD and believe that HE gives you extra strength.

Brahamakumari teaching and my workplace (Network Marketing Business) have taught me to be positive and happy in the adverse situation also. Positivity and Gratitude have great power of self-healing. Both have given me confidence, strength, and courage, to overcome my limitations and weakness, due to which my health has improved a lot.

My 40 yrs experience with this disease has taught me:-

1. Accept your limitation as soon as possible and adjust your life with those limitations.
2. Negative emotions and depression will worsen your problems. So, always be positive in life.
3.Think that I am unique from others (in whatever manner).
4. Love and respect yourself first, then the world will also start loving you.
5. Have full faith in blessing of supreme power i.e. God, your family, and relatives who are always with you in your difficult times.
6. Try to be present, do not think too much about your future and illness. It attracts negative energy.

Special request to all:- Try to make Spirituality and Gratitude part of your daily routine

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