Hi peeps time for a new blog.

We all know as scleroderma patients life probably loves us a bit more than others .it throws more googly at us than an average person. Everyday is a new challenge ,we all feel on days that this is it no more…….but you know friends what I have realized in time that this disease has made me a better person, it has made me more humane ,more tolerant more open to listening to my body .

We always forget to count our blessing “WHY ME ” is the predominant question. The answer lies within us .every person has issues and problems we tend to peep the other way and think about the perfection of other people’s life ,wherein we forget we all have our crosses to bear. As a student I had read a story ,a man was very tired of the cross he carried ,he went to Jesus he said you have been unfair you have given me the heaviest of the cross .Jesus smiled and pointed him to a room where there were uncountable crosses he said pick which ever you like.the man kept his cross and took years to find a cross finally .he walked to Jesus and said look I found a perfect one ,Jesus smiled and said son it is the same cross you were carrying . Moral we carry only to our capacity.

So my friends life is tough ,if you are single ,married ,unemployed or employed …..what makes life easier “ACCEPTANCE TO SITUATION “. the situation has to be fought losing is not an alternative or option ,whining ,crying will make it twice as difficult, get sad for a moment cry if you want then pick yourself up and say I can do it and I will ,see the magic happening for you .mind is the most important tool nature provided us with ,use it to make your life easier .there are no short cuts in life. Change your attitude… will change.

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