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Ajit Tolani @ Patients Engage Online Platform August 2021

Ajit Tolani, 42, went through myriad conditions like Scleroderma and Double Lung Transplant over two decades to finally reach recovery through proper lifestyle and medication. He recounts his long journey with a number of health ordeals

Neetu Wadhwa @ NewzHook Online Magazine June 2020

Meet Neetu Wadhwa, who talks about what led her to start Scleroderma India, a pan-India patient support and advocacy group for people with scleroderma. #scleroderma #extremecold #bronchitis #inhaler #acidreflux #InvisibleDisability #wheelchairUser

Kavita Chaddha @ Patients Engage Online Platform June 2020

"I am Kavita Chaddha, diagnosed with Scleroderma (an autoimmune disease) in 2009 by a rheumatologist. I am bipolar too. I am also a Librarian, a wife and a mother of a 9-year-old girl. I am a doctoral student too. My life is four-dimensional – health, home, studies and office. Depending on conditions, sometimes the order changes." Kavita Chaddha has multiple issues which she handles in the course of a day with proper medication, a healthy diet and the right exercises. She talks about how she juggles her life, home and work in the course of a day and how she has handled the Covid-19 pandemic given her compromised immune status.

Lata Vaswani @ Patients Engage Online Platform May 2020

Living with an autoimmune rheumatic disease like Scleroderma can be extremely challenging and often affects the emotional wellbeing of the person as well. Lata Vaswani, who has Scleroderma, shares her daily routine to show us how meditation and exercises help her cope with her daily activities and a job that provides satisfaction. #ADayInTheLifeSeries #Scleroderma #YourLivedExperienceMatters #RheumaticDisease #AutoImmune