Don’t judge a Book by its cover!

All of us human beings have this habit of Typecasting each other, typecasting according to the moulds that we have created.
There are set standards for everything, as to what is considered beautiful, what is considered ugly, stubborn, high headed, ill mannered, spoilt brat and what not.
All of us JUDGE and call each other names.
But do we really give a damn about the reasons behind why a person looks a certain way or behaves a certain way?
A person may look weird to you, but he/she might find his/herself beautiful.
A person may seem to be a PAPA KI PARI or MAA DA LAADLA to you, but he/she may be his/her parents’ world.
When people say such negative things, they just say it and move on!
But the person who gets to hear all this, goes into a spiral of introspection and self doubt.

Next time, when you decide to judge someone based on your criteria, try to find out the WHY in your judgement.
Why does he/she look weird/fat/thin,does he/she have some medical condition (TBH, looks should never matter) and if a child (especially a teenager) acts cranky, stubborn or spoilt (in your eyes), try to find out what’s the real reason behind their behaviour!

It’s easy to judge a book by its cover, but it is always difficult to read between the lines!

~Anonymously yours 😄

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