invisible disability

Invisible disability 


Invisible disabilities are like these three monkeys ,YOU CANT SEE THEM ,YOU HAVE NOT HEARD ABOUT THEM AND NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THEM!!! Most of the rheumatic patients suffer from Invisible disability I.e. you cannot see externally  but it exists, let me give you an example – An ILD patient has a problem in breathing if the patient has to climb stairs or walk a slope, The patient gets breathless, but this disease does not show external signs the patient may look healthy,same with a person who has arthritis, raynauds,lupus ,systemic sclerosis or any other such condition.the severity of the disease is not visible externally but internally the patient is very sick. Patients suffering from cancer have recognition and medical benefits but rheumatic patients are denied all benefits and recognition.though rheumatic patients fall under rare diseases somehow the medical fraternity and government keeps on missing the boat to give any benefits or make life easier for them .

The patients faces lot of ridicule and are termed lazy or are called incompetent or someone who are making up stories because these conditions are impossible to understand by anyone who does not live it. In plain words the rheumatic patients lives are hell .

How does one show externally that you cannot digest food because you have GERD issues.How can one show that breathing is labourous because you have ILD? 

Sharing an incident I had gone to a resturant it had 3 floors I got a table on 3rd floor the place had no lift I requested them for a table on the lower floor as I am unable to climb because I have pulmonary issues and arthritis the Manger rudely said that healthy people make up stories to get what ever they want ,can these things be explained in a society where Invisible disability is still a foreign concept? They are denied wheelchairs at airports/railway stations ,lower berths in trains because nor is Invisible disability considered nor rare disease are understood.

A person who cannot see ,hear or is physically challenged is considered to be diabled because this is visible through naked eye but what about the conditions which are not visible or which have no understanding to a layman or even medical fraternity at times?? Are we doomed to live like this ??   

Is it not high time that medical fraternity puts it up to government that we need help? We are chronically ILL patients who are not going to get ok,most of us detoriate in time .

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