My Days.

Hmm so how does your day start ?? Taking a long stretch….maybe coffee or tea in bed then may be some exercise ,breakfast and then to work or house chores….sounds typical 🤔…..well let us tell you how our day starts, first may be we have not slept due to acid reflux or pain or just restlessness.we spend 10 – 15 minutes just so we can just straighten our bodies ,then maybe we want to through up because we are too acidic ,thought of food or caffeine makes us sick.we may or may not want to get off bed.then our one of the chores we do mostly whole day start popping pills.on days taking a shower is like climbing 10 floors it leaves us exhausted. Most of the food smells make us sick…we have forgotten what we like instead we choose what our gut can take.then we start the struggle which everyone calls “DAY”.

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